How to call Barcelona (country code and city code) and useful emergency numbers

The country code in Spain is 34.

Use Skype
Skype is, but a long shot, the cheapest way to place any call, international or otherwise. It cost 2.3¢ to make any call. The only catch is that you need a computer with an Internet connection. That's easy enough at home. While traveling you can use either cybercafes or the Skype app for smartphones (not by roaming—that's pricey—but by using WiFi). » more
What used to be Barcelona’s separate city code of 93 is now incorporated as part of the full number, which means you must always dial it, no matter where you are calling from. (If the number starts with a "6" or "7" instead of a "9," that means it is a Spanish mobile/cell phone number.)

How to make phone calls in Barcelona

The best (cheapest) way to make phone calls—local or international—while you are in Barcelona is simply to use the Skype app on your smartphone and a WiFi connection. This way you pay only 2.3¢ per minute to call most of Europe, North America, and parts of Asia (well, 5¢–7¢ to some places). » more

Other options:

Using public phones in Barcelona

And, yes, there's always that old standby: the public pay phone. As everywhere, these are slowly disappearing from the Barcelona landscape in the age of the cell phone, but you can still find payphone cabinas on major streets and squares and in train stations and airports.

These days, you can use credit cards in most phones, or buy a pre-paid phone card from tobacco shops (estancos) or post offices.

The only good way to get a halfway decent rate on an international call is to stop into a locutorio, a small office of phone booths designed to allow immigrants to call home.

Whatever you do, avoid using the phone in your hotel, which will charge you triple or quadruple the price even for local calls, and a hefty surcharge if you use it to call internationally. » more

Emergency numbers in Barcelona

In any emergency dial

Police: tel. 092

Emergency medical: tel. 061

Fire: tel. 080

Tips & Links

How long should I spend in Barcelona?

If you're just passing through, I'd give Barcelona at least two full days.

It is a lovely place to relax, however, so you might be happier spending 3-4 days.

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Barcelona tourist info: (info office), (events mag); (regional info),

Sightseeing passes: Barcelona Card (20+ sights; transport; discounts), Museum Pass (6 sights)

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Get a sightseeing / transport pass

Barcelona has two types of sightseeing/transport passes:

There's a full description of both passes here, but in brief: The only museum covered fully by the Museum Pass that is not also covered by the Barcelona Card is the Museu Picasso (where you get only a 20% discount with the Barcelona Card).

You can also get discounts (usually 10% to 20%) on a wide range of sights, activites, and shows if you have a hop-on/hop-off bus ticket.

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