Ferries from Brindisi to Greece

Taking the slow boat from Brindisi, Italy, to Patras in Greece

It seems that almost every doorway in Brindisi that isn't a pizza joint is a travel agent. Trust none of them. A few are honest, but it's safest to go straight to the ferry lines themselves. There are plenty of shady ferry companies as well, but stick with the two biggies and you'll have no problems.

Adriatica (tel. +39-0831-523-825) is upstairs in the Stazione Marittima, Viale Regina Margherita 13; Hellenic Mediterranean Lines ((tel. +39-0831-528-531, www.hml.it) is at Corso Garibaldi 8. For links to these and other ferries that operate in Italy, head to www.traghetti.com.

Both run ferries every other day—daily late June through the first week of September—from Brindisi to Patras (where you can continue over land to Athens or Delphi, or by connecting ferry to the Greek islands), as well as regularly scheduled service to Corfu, Igoumenitsa, and Ithaca.

Most ferries to Patras (a 19-hour trip) leave after 10pm, though some in summer leave at 7:30pm; present yourself at the ferry at least two hours before departure. One-way tickets to Patras run $15 to $50 depending on season, plus sleeping arrangements—free on the deck (or toss in a deck chair for $10) up to $15 to $80 per person for a cabin (depending on season and in-cabin facilities).

Some railpasses like Eurail get you the travel free but you must still reserve and pay for a cabin or deck chair.

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Brindisi tourist office
Via C. Colombo 88
tel. +39-0831-562-126


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