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Planning your time on a visit to Paestum

It takes at least a good 2–3 hours to tour the site and museum—and if you have made the effort and taken the time to come all this way, you will want to spend those 2-3 hours here.

Given that Paestum will take half a day anyway—and the presence of some good places to eat right around the site—your best options either:

  1. Get here really early, tour the archaoelogical site in the morning, then have lunch before moving on (perhaps taking an extra 60–90 minutes after lunch for a quick dip at the beach and maybe a stop to buy some farm fresh mozzarella).
  2. Plan to get here for lunch, maybe hit the beach in the heat of the early afternoon (don't forget to stop for mozzarella), then take in the archaoelogical site in the late afternoon (sunset is gorgeous here), and spend the night before moving on.

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