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A visit to Italy's shortest river: Fiumelatte on Lake Como, Italy

Fiumelatte river, Varenna, Lago di Como

Just south of Varenna on Lake Como, the Fiumelatte gushes from the cliff face at the top of a 10-minute trail, rages down about 250 meters, then plunges into the lake, making it the shortest river in Italy.

Firumelatte, Varenna, Lago di Como
(Photos by Alessandro Vecchi)
It also flows only March to October, a seasonal oddity that led Leonardo Da Vinci to sketch its swirling waters and explore the source's mini-cave.

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How to get to Fiumelatte

You need a car for this one. It's just a roadside attraction.

How to get around Lake Como

If you don't take a tour or have a rental car, the easiest way is by bus ( or by boat (

Buses are a little cheaper and more frequent, but Lake Como ferries are faster and way, way more scenic—especially since many of those amazing villas with their fabulous gardens are protected behind high walls on the landlubbing side—but from the water, you get a full-on view. Bring binoculars (and hey: you might even see George Clooney!).

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Lake Como tourist info (east shore):

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