Cafes and Pastries in Siracusa

Almond-paste cookies in a Siracusa, Sicily, pasticceria
Almond-paste cookies in a Siracusa, Sicily, pasticceria.

The best bars, coffee shops, and pasticcerie in Siracusa

In Ortigia

One of the classiest places to take your cappuccino is the Gran Cafe del Duomo, Piazza Duomo 18, (tel. +39-0931-21-544,, which looks across at the cathedral facade. All of their sugary goodies are homemade and quite good, from marzipan and almond pastries to torrone nougat, Sicilian cassata, and gelato.

Just up the block at Via Saverio Landolina 7–9, are the pastry- and marzipan-filled windows of Ernesto Marciante'sbar/pasticceria (tel. +39-0931-67-384), where he carries on a family confectionery tradition that goes dates to the early 1800s. Try his "champagne and strawberries" gelato.

Nearby at Via Saverio Landolina 32, is Artale Giovanni's Arethusa Pasticceria (tel. +39-0931-21-829) has your regular stash of almond snacks, but also specializes in the traditional Siracusan gelatini, little gummy animals detailed in colored icing.

On the mainland

On your way from the station to Ortigia, stop at Corso Umberto 34 for Voglio Matta's (tel. +39-0931-67-118) famous ice cream, featuring granite of pineapple or almonds and sugar-free gelati made from soy alongside delicious flavors such as tartufo, cioccolato bianco (white chocolate), or mars (made from the candy bar).

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