Osteria Sette di Vino

The best cheese in Pienza

A hole-in-the-wall osteria, with about eight tables inside and out under umbrellas on the vest-pocket piazza of herringbone bricks just off the main drag...but it's the first place I'd come for a meal in Pienza, mainly because of how much Luciano Monachini dearly, dearly loves his hometown and its simple culinary pleasures.

It doesn't even serve proper dishes. Just magnificent sampler platters of pecorino cheeses, bruschette, platters of selected salumi (various salamis and prosicuttos), beans cooked with onions or chick peas with rosemary, grilled pecorino topped with pancetta (bacon), a house salad of radicchio (with the super-secret family dressing that Luciano refuses to divulge—he won't even tell his wife, though "one day, I might tell my daughter").

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Osteria Sette di Vino
Piazza di Spagna 1
tel. +39-0578-749-092
Closed Wed

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