Sleep for free

Top 10 ways to sleep for free while you travel, from hospitality exchanges and home swapping to staying in monasteries and crewing a boat, to sleeping on trains, in airports, on federal land, and even in strangers' apartments

Yes, it can be done! There are at least nine ways you can sleep absolutely for free. And the best news, none of them involves park benches or climbing out hotel windows and down fire escapes at 4am.

Sleeping for Free
Overnight trains
Sleeping in Airports
Crewing a Boat
Home Swapping
Hospitality Exchanges

Some of these techniques do involve joining a club or network, and there is a fee involved with that, but spending the night won't cost you a dime—and besides, those one-time fees tend to cost less than a single night's stay in a mid-priced hotel.

These pages listed to the right cover all the freebie accommodation opportunities—just in case you want to skip ahead to the one that most piques your interest.

Or you can read about each option in turn to help decide which one suits you best, starting with the techniques that are (more or less) totally free and working our way up to ones that involve small fees or have some sort of catch.


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