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Hostelling International ( - The official international hostelling body, giving its stamp of approval to one or two hotels in cities and town around the globe. This ends up totaling more than 4,000. Sign up as a member ($28, $18 age 55 and over, free under 18, $250 lifetime) and you get a car getting you about 5% to 10% discount at official hostels—many of which will sell you (or insist upon selling you) the membership/card on the spot. The website lets you search to find official HI properties around the world so you can get the info on location, rules, and prices. ( - One of the biggest repositories of hostelling information and reviews of some 6,000 hostels, both HI and independent.

Hostels in Europe ( - Another independent guide to hostels, though just in Europe.

HostelWorld ( - Premier independent booking site for hostels around the world.

National hosteling outfits

Many of these country-specific sites will cover independent hostels in addition to the official Hostelling International ones.

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Hostels in Flanders/Belgium
Hostels in Croatia
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Hostels in Finland
Hostels in France
Hostels in Germany
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Hostels in Ireland
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Hostels in Poland
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Hostels in Sweden
Hostels in Switzerland 1
Hostels in Switzerland 2
Hostels in Switzerland 3


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