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L'Antico Trippaio, a tripe and lampredotto stand on Piazza de' Cimatori in Florence
The ultimate street food in Florence is a lampredotto tripe sandwich, perhaps from L'Antico Trippaio, a cart on Piazza de' Cimatori.
There are loads of choices for a quick meal in Florence. One of Florence's best quick lunches can be had at I Fratellini and other fiaschetterie:

Florentine Fiaschetterie: The Original Wine Bars

Florence's traditional fiaschetterie are modest little wine shops-with-a-bar named for the fiasche, or straw-bottomed flasks, in which Tuscan wines were once delivered from the vineyards.

Although these flasks are now only found bottling cheap table Chianti and destined to become candlesticks, at a fiaschetteria you can still get a sandwich, platter of meats and cheese, or even a simple dish or two along with your tipple.

Many are not much more than holes-in-the-wall, including my own fave (and Florence's best) ★★★ I Fratellini. It's only about six feet deep and as many wide, with two young men behind the counter continuing a 128-year tradition of whipping out scrumptious panini (sandwiches) and pouring glasses of wine to be enjoyed while standing on the flagstones of this pedestrian street in the heart of town. Full story

Others top on my list of favorites: Antico Noè (near Santa Croce; Full story), Le Volpi e l'Uva (in the Oltrarno, just across the Ponte Vecchio and to the left; Full story), and EnotecaBar Fuori Porta (in the Oltrarno, nearish to Piazzale Michelangiolo; Full story).

Tavole calde

Like anywhere in Italy, Florence offers great take-out at any tavola calda or rosticceria, where you can get delicious, pre-prepared hot dishes sold by weight. There are plenty. Try Giuliano's (tel. 055-238-2723) at Via dei Neri 74.

The tripe stand

For a true Florentine experience, try the boiled tripe sandwich called lampredotto at Roberto Marchetti's L'Antico Trippaio, a street stand on Piazza de' Cimatori, tucked into the side streets between Piazza Signoria and the Duomo (and pictured up above).

Pizza (don't do it!)

Warning: Do not get pizza slices in Florence. You'll get the wrong impression of Italian pizza, which is only worth eating if it comes from Rome or southernmost Italy. I have never had decent pizza-by-the-slice in Florence. It's always terrible.

There are a few decent pizzerie (for sit-down meals of wood-fired pizzas); the best of those is Il Pizzaiuolo.


For picnic supplies, visit any succession of alimentari (grocery stores), forno (bakeries), and fruttivendolo (fruit and vegetable stand). » more

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