A travel guide to Prague

Why Prague?
  • Touring the historic synagogues and cemetery of the Jewish Quarter
  • Attending one of dozens of daily baroque music concerts
  • Exploring the Prague Castle
  • Reading Kafka in a pub

Prague is the tourism darling of Eastern Europe, a city of fairy-tale spires, baroque buildings, and medieval castles.

It enjoyed a brief stint as the "Paris of the 90s"—an epicenter of cheap, ex-pat living that lasted from the Communism-ending Velvet Revolution in 1989 up until, oh, about 1994.

Most people come to Prague to peruse the street art laid out along the statue-lined Charles Bridge exploring Prague Castle, and investigating the sights of the fascinating Josefov, or Jewish Quarter (from the 13th century Old-New Synagogue and the Jewish Museum to the evocative cemetery stuffed with 12,000 helter-skelter gravestones and the sepulchre of Rabbi Loew, the 16th-century holy man who in legend brought the infamous golem to life).

Once here, they realize that the city's charms lie only partly in the sights, and more in strolls along the Vltava River, perusing the street art laid out along the statue-lined Charles Bridge, attending innumerable classical music concerts, and sampling some of the best beers on the planet (washed down by peppery goulash) in smoky pubs.

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How long should I spend in Prague?

Prague is worth at least two days—especially as its sights are kind of spread out, and you'll want to find time to find concerts to attend.

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