Munich bräuhauses

A bier keller in Munich
(photo courtesy of BBMC Tobias Ranzinger)

Beer halls, ratskellers, and pubs in Munich, Germany

Beer Hall Etiquette

Like Norm's stool at Cheers, Munich beer halls have their regulars' private tables, called stammtisch. These unmarked but sacrosanct spots are usually near the doors and/or in the corners.

Smile and catch someone's attention before trying to sit down so that others at the table can politely let you know whether you're inadvertently invading their private space.

If they greet you by saying Grüss Gott, you're in.

If Munich is famous for anything, it's the bräuhaus, that bar/dining room/communal meeting place/evening's entertainment that often consists of nothing more than long wooden tables, bustling waitresses, plates of sausages and baskets of pretzels, swirling cigarette smoke, and mug after liter-sized mug of frothy beer.

Top Munich beer halls

The following each get their own full-fledged restaurant listings, but in brief:

Other bräuhauser

The city is full of bierhalle. Besides the listed above, check out:



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