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It’s a quick train ride from Bled to Ljubljana (sort of: lyoo-blee-YAH-nah), a city blessed with streets lined by baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, a bustling daily market in the square between the cathedral and the café-lined promenades of the Ljubljanica River, and a castle watching over it all from a bluff high above the narrow medieval alleys of the ancient city core.

Ljubljana is often touted as an alternative to Prague, and while it does enjoy a similar look and style, that claim is stretching things a bit. This tiny capital lacks Prague’s great museums and superlative sights—but it also lacks Prague’s crowds and hyper-inflated prices.

Where to stay in Ljubljana

One of the most popular places to stay is actually the Hostel Celica, converted from a 123-year-old former prison a five-minute walk from the train station. Each cell has been transformed into a unique designer room sleeping two or three people for $23 to $28 each; standard dorms sleeping 14 start at $19 (www.hostelcelica.com).

If you prefer something a bit less colorful and more central, rates at the City Hotel Turist (www.cityhotel.si) start at $140 for a modern business-style room in the heart of the shopping district between the train station and the main Prešeren Square with its delightful trio of bridges over the river.

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