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London in a day

How to see the best of London in one day

Doing London in just one day takes full-throttle sightseeing. Be at the Tower of London before 9:35am to get on the first tour of this bastion of London's Middle Ages.

After perusing the Crown Jewels there, take off for the British Museum (grab lunch along the way) to ogle the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, and Elgin Marbles.

Take a tour instead
Let a professional guide and bus else worry about the details of cramming everything into a single day by taking a guided tour:
• London in One Day Sightseeing Tour
• London Full-Day Sightseeing Tour
Be sure to be at Westminster Abbey by 3pm to pay homage to the British monarchs, English poets, and other notables entombed therein.

Have an early "pre-theatre" dinner at Rules or The Ivy, then spend the evening however floats your boat: attending a play or a show, indulging in a pub crawl (an early play might leave you time to pub crawl a bit afterwards), or just drinking in the street acts and nighttime crowds milling around Leicester Square.

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This article was last updated in May 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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