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Seeing London in 2 Days

How to cram the best of London into a two-day itinerary

Day One

Begin your first day marveling at the spoils of the old empire in the British Museum. Move along to the stellar collection of Renaissance paintings in the National Gallery, stopping early on for a sandwich in the excellent cafeteria.

This'll tide you over until you get to fabled Harrods department store, where you can take a break from the window shopping to indulge in an afternoon tea in the Georgian Restaurant.

Spend the late afternoon however you'd like, but make sure you get tickets ahead of time for a play or show (whether its Shakespeare at the Globe or a West End musical), and book ahead at Rules or The Ivy for a late, post-theatre dinner (in fact, try to reserve a week or so beforehand).

Day Two

Start off your second day at the Tower of London on one of the excellent beefeater tours. Spend the late morning climbing the dome of Christopher Wren's masterpiece St. Paul's. After a late lunch, be at the meeting place for the London Walks tour that intrigues you the most (several leave from near St. Paul's itself).

Try to get to Westminster Abbey early enough to pop into the Royal Chapels before they close at 4pm; the rest of the church stays open until 7pm. Duck out and head to the neighboring Parliament House to get inside and witness British Government in session.

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This article was last updated in May 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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