Italian artists

Famous Italian artists and architects

Thsi list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you a primer on the great artsist and architects from Italian history

  • Alberti, Leon Battista (Renaissance architect)
  • Ammannati, Bartolomeo (Renaissance sculptor)
  • Di Cambio, Arnolfo (Gothic sculptor)
  • Beccafumi, Domenico (Mannerist painter)
  • Bellini, Giovanni (Renaissance painter)
  • Bernini, Gian Lorenzo (Baroque sculptor)
  • Boccioni, Umberto (20C sculptor)
  • Brunelleschi, Filippo (Renaissance architect)
  • Botticelli, Sandro (Renaissance painter)
  • Bronzino, Agnolo (Renaissance / Mannerist painter)
  • Buontalenti, Bernardo (Renaissance / Mannerist architect)
  • Canaletto, Antonio (Baroque painter)
  • Canova, Antonio (Neoclassical sculptor)
  • Caravaggio (Baroque painter)
  • Da Vinci, Leonardo (Renaissance painter)
  • De Chirico, Giorgio (20C painter)
  • Del Sarto, Andrea (Renaissance / Mannerist painter)
  • Della Quercia, Jacopo (Gothic sculptor)
  • Della Robbia, Luca et al (family of Renaissance sculptors)
  • Di Cione, Nardo (Gothic painter)
  • Donatello (Renaissance sculptor)
  • Duccio di Buoninsegna (Gothic painter)
  • Fattori, Giovanni (19C / Impressionist painter)
  • Fra’ (Beato) Angelico (early Renaissance painter)
  • Gaddi, Taddeo & Agonolo (Gothic painters)
  • Gentile da Fabriano (Gothic painter)
  • Ghiberti, Lorenzo (Renaissance sculptor)
  • Ghirlandaio, Domenico (Renaissance painter)
  • Giambologna (Renaissance / Mannerist sculptor)
  • Giotto (Gothic painter)
  • Gozzoli, Benozzo (Renaissance painter)
  • Lippi, Fra’ Filippo (Renaissance painter)
  • Lippi, Filippino (Renaissance painter)
  • Lorenzetti, Pietro & Ambrogio (Gothic painters)
  • Mantegna, Andrea (Renaissance painter)
  • Martini, Simone (Gothic painter)
  • Masaccio (Renaissance painter)
  • Masolino (Renaissance painter)
  • Michelangelo (Renaissance painter)
  • Michelozzo (Renaissance architect)
  • Modigliani, Amadeo (20C painter)
  • Morandi, Giorgio (20C painter)
  • Orcagna, Andrea & Jacopo (Gothic painters)

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