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A vacation guide to Lenno on Lake Como, Italy

Lenno, Lago di Como

The town of Lenno sits on Lake Como's western shore about mid-lake, just south of Tremezzo and Mezzegra.

The Battistero of Lenno, Lago di Como
The Battistero (Baptistry).
The priest at Lenno's 11th century church of S. Stefano will turn on the lights to see the 15th century chapel frescoes and let you into the trapezoidal crypt with ancient frescoes and columns.

The church's neighboring baptistery now serves a local watercolorist as a gallery and showcase.

Villa Balbianello

The real rason to some to Lenno, however, lies at the south end of town.

Villa Balbianello, Lenno, Lago di ComoAfter a lovely lakeside walk, at the end of a promontory, sits the picture-perfect Villa Balbianello, an ivy-clad yellow villa complex once home to a fabled 20th century Italian adventurer.

It has also been the setting for several contemporary Hollywood hits, including the Star Wars prequels and the James Bond reboot Casino Royale.

It's so cool, it gets its own page. » more

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How to get to Lenno

It really is best to use a car and just drive up the S340 from Como town. To arrive by public transportation, follow the instructions on how to get to Como town, then grab the bus (at least hourly; 40–55 min.) or boat (7–10 per day; 33–42 min.) as detailed below. Lenno is also a short ferry ride from Bellagio (7–10 daily; 10 min.).

How to get around Lake Como

If you don't take a tour or have a rental car, the easiest way is by bus (www.sptlinea.it) or by boat (www.navigazionelaghi.it). Buses are a little cheaper and more frequent, but Lake Como ferries are faster and way, way more scenic—especially since many of those amazing villas with their fabulous gardens are protected behind high walls on the landlubbing side—but from the water, you get a full-on view. Bring binoculars (and hey: you might even see George Clooney!).

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