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Agrigento's Hotel Villa Athena has rooms with a view of the Temple of Concordia
Agrigento's Hotel Villa Athena has rooms with a view of the Temple of Concordia.

Lodging options in Agrigento

There's nothing of note in the town of Agrigento itself, so do yourself a favor and stay in the fabled Valley of the Temples—though if you don't have a car, that might be a bit limiting, so perhaps staying in town would be better for those arriving by public transportation.

Best Agrigento hotels—In the Valley of the Temples

For years, the Villa Athena was the only lodging actually in the Valley of the Temples. A few more have since sprung up, and make excellent alternatives.

Hotels in town

If you can't find space at the hotels above, rooms 32–35 at the Hotel Belvedere [€–€€], Via S. Vito 20 (tel. 0922-20-051), live up to the hotel’s name with vistas over the Valley of Temples. There are no amenities, but it's clean, if a bit down at the heels.


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