The sights of Amsterdam

Sex, drugs, and Vincent Van Gogh—the top sights and experiences in Amsterdam

Major cultural attractions

Rembrandts in the Rijksmuseum, AmsterdamRijksmuseum - One of Europe's top art galleries, with more Rembrandts, Vermeers, and Frans Hals works than you could shake a paintbrush at... Full Story
Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait in Felt Hat, Van Gogh Museum, AmsterdamVan Gogh Museum - Some 200 paintings and 500 drawings by everybody's favorite post-impressionist master... Full Story
Anne FrankAnne Frank House - Tour the actual secret attic rooms where a teenaged Anne Frank hid out from the Nazis and wrote her touching and amazing diary... Full Story
Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, AmsterdamStedelijk Museum of Modern Art - Amsterdam's excellent collection of modern and contemporary art... Full Story
Jewish Hisory Museum, AmsterdamJoods Historisch Museum - A museum of Jewish history in Amsterdam and a nearby historic synagogue... Full Story
Amstelkring, AmsterdamAmstelkring - "Our Lord in the Attic"—a secret Catholic church hidden in the upper floors of several townhouses... Full Story
The Tropenmuseum of AmsterdamTropenmuseum - An ethnographic museum devoted to the native cultures of Dutch colonies in India, Indonesia, and the Caribbean (hence the name "Tropics Museum")... Full Story

Only in Amsterdam...

De Wallen, AmsterdamThe Red Light District - The world's most famous prostitution zone, where the world's oldest profession is perfectly legal and giggling tourists outnumber the johns... Full Story
Canal boat, AmsterdamCanal cruises - Cruise some of Amsterdam's 100km of canals threading past 17th century buildings... Full Story
Heinken in AmsterdamThe Heineken Experience - Tour the old factory, get free beer. 'Nuff said... Full Story
Smoking a jointSmoking cafes - OK, marijuana is not quite as legal in Amsterdam as most people seem to think, but you can (for now) walk into any "smoking cafe" and order up a joint, hash brownie, or just about any other form of cannabis delivery system... Full Story
The Erotic Museum of AmsterdamSex museums - Well, with all that legal sex and drugs, you know know there are going to be a few museums devoted to sex and pornography—and historical porn at that... Full Story
Diamond factories - This is the country of De Beers, and the diamond shops of Amsterdam are where some of the most famous gems in history were cut. They also have quite possibly the most expensive gift shops of any sights in the world... Full Story
Amsterdam for kids
Yes, even a city famed for semi-illicit pursuits there's plenty for children (my first visit was at age 12, and I dug it).
• Anne Frank House
• Canal cruises
• Van Gogh Museum
• Diamond factories
• Tropenmuseum
• Muiden Castle
• Hoge Veluwe Park /Kröller-Müller Museum


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