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Reid's Top 10 Dublin Pubs

*** Doheny & Nesbit

*** Palace Bar

** Toner's Pub

** Stag's Head

* Porterhouse Bewing Company

* Whelan's Pub

* Brazen Head Pub

* Kehoe's Pub

* Grogan's Castle Bar

* Mulligan's Pub

Other great pubs

Long Stone Pub

Duke's Pub

Davy Byrne's

Temple Bar

The Old Stand

Oliver St. John Gogarty's


Guinness Tricks & Etiquette: When ordering Guinness, don't grab the glass when the barkeep first puts it down; he's letting the foam settle and will top it off after a minute or two. The famously thick head on a Guinness should stay intact until you get to the bottom of the glass. The old trick is to carve your initials, or a hokey shamrock, into the froth with teh last bit of beer streaming from the nozzle and watch as it remains undisturbed and intact all the way to the bottom.


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