Best budget safaris

The tour companies that offer the best prices on African safaris

You don't want to skimp on an African safari—but you don't want to overpay, either.

It is easy to find $10,000 safaris where you stay in the top game lodges and camp (or glamp) in luxury safari "tents" complete with teak flooring and canopy beds accopmpanied by an army of servants and porters. All very "Out of Africa."

What is trickier is finding reliable safari outfitters who will take you to the same parks, the same cultural experiences, and the same game drives for under $5,000.

That's where this list comes in handy: A selection of safari specialists that, while often also offering high-end trips and custom safaris, also caters to the "budget sdafari" market with reasonably priced African tours where you usually stay in guest houses, standard game lodges (rather than $1,000-per-night ones), and regular old on-the-ground tents. Just that little tweak (and maybe you carry your own bag) can cut the cost of a safari in half—and make it far more memorable.

Top values in African safaris

Tours Under $995 G Adventures

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