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The Emerald Isle is a lush land of deep history and broad smiles. Celts, Vikings, Normans, and the English have all trod this country's verdant slopes, leaving behind ancient ruins as well as a rich and varied heritage.

Steeped in strong religious beliefs and scattered with the broken remains of vast medieval abbeys and monasteries, Ireland is home to literary giants, Guinness beer, and stupendous music.

Although Dublin is alive with museums and some of Europe's greatest nightlife, a visit to Ireland is really about the countryside: the gorgeously green rural landscapes and the friendly welcome waiting in each small town.

How much does a trip to Ireland cost?

Transatlantic airfare is not cheap. However, there are some great packages that bundle air, rental car, and B&B vouchers and make a trip to Ireland one of the great bargains of European travel—especially now that the ongoing economic crisis has brought prices on food and such back from sky-high levels to within a modest budget... Full Story


NYC – Shannon
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7 days: air, car, B&B
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Glasha Meadows, Doolin
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3-course meal
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Day trip

Newgrange & Monasterboice
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Whatever you do, don't call them "British"

Although Ireland is part of the British Isles and the people speak English, drive on the left, and even eat fish 'n' chips, Ireland is most emphatically not part of the United Kingdom. (Except, confusingly, the bit called Northern Ireland.)

The Irish fought long (some 750 years) and hard for their independence from the British crown, and most of Ireland been its own country since 1921. We call this the Republic of Ireland, and it includes the 26 counties that make up most of the island.

Six counties in the north of Ireland, however, did not throw their lots in with this new country, and hence are still part of the U.K.

Northern Ireland's decision to stay with the United Kingdom was far from unanimous. The pro-U.K. residents (mostly Protestants of British descent) and pro-independence ones (mainly Catholics of older Irish lineage) are constantly at odds over the future of this corner of the Emerald Isle, fighting heated battles on both the political and paramilitary fronts (though, thankfully, increasingly less so of the latter in recent years).

These "Troubles" have come to a head in numerous terrorist attacks, mainly centered on Belfast and other Northern Ireland cities (plus a few in London)‚ though, again, those have been on the wane for a while now.

Though it appears that a delicate peace has finally been achieved, details are forever being hammered out, and both sides must continue to court approval from their supporters.

Ireland remains a land divided.

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