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The Museo Tifológico, a museum for the blind in Madrid, Spain

OK, this one's pretty cool. You've heard of See & Touch museums? Well, this one's Touch & Touch Some More. Take yourself out of your own head at this museum of tactile sensations designed for the blind to help them do the sightseeing normally impossible for them by running their hands over models of the world's great monuments and modern works of art (largely sculpture, and often by visually-impaired artists).

There is also a historical section on accomplishments of the blind and the development of Braille. An audioguide talks you through the entire museum: try to do it entirely with your eyes closed (almost impossible; I recommend bringing a makeshift blindfold to keep your experiment honest) and you'll come out the other end with a whole new way of appreciating the world—and the handicapped.

c/ La Coruña, 18
Metro: Estrecho
Tues–Fri 10am–2 and 5–8pm, Sat 10am–2pm
Tel. 91-589-4219


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This article was last updated in August 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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