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Fish 'n' chips

Fried fish, fried potatoes: a British classic

England's most famed street food is, of course, fish 'n' chips, which can range from flaky cod lightly fried with meaty chips (french fries) to unidentifiable, chewy fish-like substance fried with the scales still on until it's dripping with oil (let's not get into some of the horrible chips).

To make sure you get quality chippies, patronize London's oldest, The Rock & Sole Plaice, 47 Endell St. (tel. 020-7836-3785; Tube: Covent Garden), founded in 1871; the beloved North Sea Fish Restaurant, 7-8 Leigh St. (tel. 020-7387-5892;; Tube: Russell Sq. or Kings Cross), with enormous portions; and the working man's favorite, Fryer’s Delight, 19 Theobald’s Rd (tel. 020-7405-4114; Tube: Holborn), one of the last great greasy spoons in London.


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This article was last updated in August 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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