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Perhaps the best walking tours in Europe

The wonderful guided tours of London Walks

Of the many walking tour outfits in this city, by far the biggest and best is London Walks—quite possibly the premier walking tour outfit of any city in the world. I can think of no better London investment for fun, education, and entertainment. Just £6 ($12)—£5 ($10) for seniors over 65 or students under 26, free under 15 with a parent—buys you two hours with an expert guide on a variety of thematic walks.

There are neighborhood jaunts, museum tours, pub crawls, and walks in the footsteps of Shakespeare, Churchill, Christopher Wren, or Jack the Ripper (that last one is hugely popular, and can often feature more than 100 people; most walks average more around 10-20 people).

I try to take one of these tours every time I am in London—on one visit, I managed to squeeze in eight of them (hint: if you buy a Discount Walkabout Card at your first walk, all subsequent walks for one month will cost £5).

You can peruse the offering online (see below) or just look for their white pamphlets distributed all over the city in hotels and at major sights (I always grab a copy from one of the tourist brochure racks on my way to baggage claim at the airport). Then, all you have to do is show up at the appointed place and time for the tour of your choice (usually just outside an Underground station), pay the guide, and go.

tel. +44-(0)20-7624-3978


Another option is the catalogue of walks (and other tours) offered by our partners at Here are a few of their more interesting specialty tours.


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This article was last updated in May 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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