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The airports of Bangkok and how to get downtown from the Bangkok airports

Bangkok has two airports: The new Suvarnabhumi Airport (abbreviated "BKK"; has used by the vast majority of domestic and international flights and airlines since 2006.

The old Don Muang Airport (DMK; is now only used by a few minor airlines and charter flights.

How to get downtown from the Bangkok Airport

Suvarnabhumi airport

Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK; is located about 25km (16 miles) east of downtown Bangkok. Depending on time of day, traffic, and how far into Bangkok you are going, the trip could take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Of the popular hotel areas, Sukhumvit is closest (the trip may take as little as 30–45 minute with light traffic), Silom/Sathorn/Siam Square are of middling distance (45–60 minutes), and Khao San Road farthest (at least an hour‚ unless it's the middle of the night). Best bet: no matter where you are headed, assume it will take two hours, and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't.

The fastest, easiest get into downtown Bangkok direct to your hotel is to take some kind of private vehicle, either an:

Costing much less—but taking much longer with multiple stops following set routes—are the modes of public transportation:

Don Muang Airport

Don Muang Airport (DMK; is 22km (14 miles) northeast of downtown Bangkok. Reopened in 2010 after a long refurbishment, it is now used mainly for domestic and regional flights bu charter cmopanies and some low cost airlines, including Nok Air, Solar Air, Thai Regional Airlines, and Orient Thai Airlines (a.k.a. One-Two-GO Airlines).

You are highly unlikely to every bother with this airport unless you are flying one of those airlines—or are on a charter that uses the abbreviation DMK.

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