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On the Road with Reid: 'Round Ireland

This five-part series on travel in Ireland—B&Bs, pub grub, sightseeing, and researching Irish heritage—was originally published on in May of 2003 as "On the Road with Reid: 'Round Ireland" and won a Lowell Thomas Award for travel journalism.

The author stands above the green fields of Ireland's Ring of Kerry

Round Ireland on Four Wheels
The first in a series of road reports from our Intrepid reporter in Ireland. Today: spend a week in Eire from $719, including airfare, countryside B&Bs, and a rental car... Full Story

The Heritage Card is your ticket to mroe than 80 of Ireland's greatest sights, including the romantic ruins of Mellifont Abbey just north of Dublin

 The Post-Modern Pot o' Gold
Ireland's Heritage Card can save you as much as €157 on sightseeing at 80+ sights—€10.50 even if you hit only the top five. But some of Ireland's best sights are well off the beaten path... Full Story

Cavangarden House, outside Ballyshannon on the road to Donegal, is a gorgeous Georgian manor house built in 1750, surrounded by farmland, wooded glens, and burbling streams, and is but one of the 1,700 B&Bs in the Town and Country voucher catalogue

 Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond
How to pick the right Irish B&B—whether it be a farmhouse cottage, country manor like this one, or modest modern home in town—and where to find alternative cheap lodgings in Ireland... Full Story

O'Flaherty's, a corner carvery in the Co. Meath town fo Navan, serves up heaping platters of roasted carved meats for $9—and the Guinness with which to wash it down

 Of Pub Grub and Toasteds and Cakes Made of Guinness
On navigating the dangerously expensive waters of Ireland's culinary scene with the aid of a good, strong pint... Full Story

With the aid of the Internet, and a handy-dandy postcard rack filled with family crests, you can start tracing your Irish heritage

 Digging for Your Irish Roots
No, not potatoes—though those are yummy. Today we'll share the best resources for tracing your Irish heritage... Full Story


Tours Under $995 G Adventures

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