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The London Pass gets you free entry to 56 London sights, discounts on many others, and savings on things like boat cruises, walking and bike tours, restaurants (including Porter's and Chor Bizarre), movies and West End musicals, and shopping.

Best part: you get to skip the long lines to get into sights and just waltz right up, like a VIP.

There are London Passes valid for 1, 2, 3, or 6 days—at both adult and discounted kids' prices—and the passes comes in two versions.

One version covers just the sights and activities, the other throws in free public transportation (tube, light rail, and buses) covering zones 1 through 6—that's 55 square miles, folks, all the way out to Heathrow Airport, and a fantastic added value.

London Pass will save you Money!
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The London Pass is the ultimate complement to a London sightseeing trip, offering FREE entry to over 56 of the best London tourist attractions and a FREE 160 pages guide book, with one affordable ticket. Visit Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, London Zoo, Shakespeare's Globe and many more FREE with London Pass.

Get £460 worth of attraction entry fees from just £13/day - Visit as many London Pass sights as you like, the more you see the more you save!

Enjoy London Pass and get over 40 additional deals, discounts & freebies.

Adults Children (age 5-15)
Days with transport
for all Zones 1-6
without transport   Days with transport
for all Zones 1-6
without transport
1 £43.00 £38.00   1 £26.00 £24.00
2 £62.00 £49.00   2 £40.00 £36.00
3 £79.00 £60.00   3 £48.00 £42.00
6 £120.00 £82.00   6 £78.00 £58.00

Tower Of London London Zoo Kensington Palace
Shakespeares Globe Theatre Windsor Castle HMS Belfast


Note 1: After you order the card, you can either wait to pick it up at London's main tourist office, or have it shipped to you—which is the only way to get it to cover that ride into town from Heathrow airport. Shipping prices are £2.95 within the U.K. (takes 3 days—or £6.05 express in one day), £5.95 worldwide (allow 12 days; FedEx it in three days to the U.S. for £27, to elsewhere for £35).

Note 2: The London Pass is subject to a "Purse Value" limit of £70 per day (though prorated over the life of the card—so with a two-day card, you could splurge on the equivalent of, say, £100 worth of sights on the first day and still have £40 left to "spend" on the second day.)


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This article was last updated in September 2010. All information was accurate at the time.

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