Biking the Reisling Trail in the Clare Valley

Visiting some of South Australia's top wineries by bike

Adelaide’s at the heart of Australia’s wine country.

Most bus tours clog the big vineyards of the world-famous Barossa Valley, ( so instead why not head to the Clare Valley ( and 120km north of Adelaide to ride the Reisling Trail, a 35km bike trail that makes use of an old railbed and links the local villages.

You can pedal and taste your way through several of Clare Valley's three-dozen wineries, including Sevenhill Cellars (established by the Jesuits in 1851, still producing an excellent Verdelho and reisling;, Annie's Lane at Quelltaler (a historic vineyard and cellar,, and Skillogalee (award-winning reislings and shiraz, along with a great restaurants for lunch;

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