South Australia

Traveling in the Australian state of South Australia

South Australia—ocupying the center of the southern coastline and reachng north into the Outback—has a bit of a split personality.

Its capital is the pretty Victorian city of Adelaide, —a drowsy, backwater city with some fine museums—north of which stretch some of Australia's top wine regions—the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, and Eden Valley.

Offshore from Adelaide is the wildlife wonderland of Kangaroo Island, where koalas, penguins, cockatoos, sea lions, paltypuses, and pygym possums abound.

To the north of the wine regions—beyond the Flinders Range mountains, the gatway to South Asutralia's Outback—the Suart Highway heads arrow-straight toward the Northern Territory though the Outback, passing places like Coober Pedy, one of the more surreal towns on Earth, where tin shacks hide warrens of tunnels and underground homes and businesses dug by generations of opal miners (the place is so weird, it was used—practically unchanged—as the post-apocalytpic town in the film Mad Max Beyond Thuderdome).

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