Castle Kommende Ramersdorf

The Kommende Ramersdorf, a secret castle-hotel above the city of Bonn, Germany

The Schloss Kommende Ramersdorf in Bonn, Germany
The Schloss Kommende Ramersdorf in Bonn, Germany
This is the only castle in this round-up that's located in a major city, and though it’s just across the Rhine from downtown Bonn in the village suburb of Ramersdorf, this ancient castle (founded in 1220) is surrounded by a thick wood that adds that crucial fairy tale barrier to the outside world.

The castle

At the end of a short drive, the woods open up to reveal a wonderful mish-mash of baroque spires and Renaissance turrets, the result of the castle’s Romantic-era remodeling in the late 19th century.

Past the gatehouse, the grassy grounds are scattered with set pieces designed for beauty—a carved stone bench under an ivy-covered tree trunk; a little stone well, its bucket filled with flowers.

Stretching back from the castle is a long U-shaped brick building—the old stables—with windows framed in stone, a French restaurant downstairs, and a half-timbered second story that has been converted into guest rooms.

The rooms

The antiques inside tend to be covered with lovely carved or inlaid details and surrounded by little touches such as a Byzantine icon, small Oriental rugs, or modest brass chandeliers.

The tiny windows don’t let in much light—making large and bright room no. 1 the best of the bunch. The aging baths are a bit stodgy, though perfectly clean and serviceable.

The grounds

The main part of castle—a dimly lit warren of rooms maintained in a kind of dusty splendor—is set up to host conferences and to serve as a permanent showroom for selling antique furniture (mostly Biedermier) and paintings.

One drawback: A secondary highway runs right past the property, and though the woods block it from view, there is a distant hum of traffic. Thankfully, the noise disappears by late evening.

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