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Planning a trip to Munich, Germany

Why Munich?

Munich is the gateway to the Bavarian Alps.

It's also a German intellectual and industrial center, a lively European arts and culture hub sprinkled with museums, and the world capital of beer and BMW (just don't mix those last two).

The city wears many hats, equally at ease as the capital of rustic, folklore-saturated Bavaria; a city of church spires and steeples in this most-Catholic corner of Germany; a vibrant university town where the Nobel Prize–winning author Thomas Mann and Albert Einstein rank among the famed intelligentsia of yore; and an economic powerhouse with cutting-edge industry ringing its outskirts.

Then again, for a few weeks each autumn, Munich becomes a place of sunshine, smiling faces, platters of sausages, huge mugs of tasty beer, oompah bands, and old-fashioned good times at the original Oktoberfest.

Then, come December, it cloaks itself in more wholesome German Christmas traditions to host a number of Christmas markets on squares around town.

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How long should I spend in Munich?

With museums galore and a thriving cultural and theater life, Munich's sights are sure to keep you busy for at least two or three days.

You can do it in one, but you'll be giving the city short shrift.

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