Lodging in Germany

Accommodations in Germany from hotels, B&Bs, and hostels to rental villas and farm stays

There are many types of places to spend the night in Germany. Hotels are fine, but look beyond hotels—to B&Bs or castles, farm stays or apartments—and you can usually save money while having a more interesting stay at the same time.

Schloss Veldenstein, a Castle-hotel in GermanyGerman Castle-Hotels - It doesn’t take a royal treasury to become king or queen of the castle for a night in Southern Germany. In fact, it can cost less than a three-star hotel... Full Story
German farm stays - The concept behind urlaub am Bauernhof (or agritourism, or farmhouse B&Bs, or rural tourism, or whatever you want to call it) is simple: you spend the night as a guest on a working farm... Full Story

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