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Taking a taxi cab in Barcelona

Because of the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona’s public transportation system has been fully updated, so you probably won’t need one of the yellow-and-black taxis —except for perhaps travel to and from the airport if you've overpacked (although trains and buses run there frequently).

In addition to the 200+ taxi stands located throughout the city (at major sqaures, avenues, and monuments), cabs cruise the streets looking for fares. (Though official rules keep any cab from legally picking you up if you are within 50m of a designated taxi stand.)

Available cars advertise with “Libre” or “Lliure” signs or with an illuminated green sign.

You can pay in cash or by credit card.

For general taxi information in Barcelona: tel. +34-932-235-151,

Barcelona taxi fares and fees

You taxi's meter should read T-2 if is it a weekday between 8am and 8pm.

Higher, T-1 fares apply weekday nights (8pm–8am) and all day on weekends and holidays.


How to call a taxi

If you want a "Radio taxi"—calling one to come get you, say at a restaurant or hotel—there is a flat €3.40 fee (€4.20 weekdays 8am–8am or weekends).

Here are some companies to call:

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How long should I spend in Barcelona?

If you're just passing through, I'd give Barcelona at least two full days.

It is a lovely place to relax, however, so you might be happier spending 3-4 days.

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Barcelona tourist info: (info office), (events mag); (regional info),

Sightseeing passes: Barcelona Card (20+ sights; transport; discounts), Museum Pass (6 sights)

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Hotels:,, Priceline.comPartner,


Apartments:,,,,, Homeaway.comhomeaway

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Public transport: Barcelona Card (free transport; sightseeing); Search all public transit:; Metro/Bus:; Tram:; Light rail:; Taxi:

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Get a sightseeing / transport pass

Barcelona has two types of sightseeing/transport passes:

There's a full description of both passes here, but in brief: The only museum covered fully by the Museum Pass that is not also covered by the Barcelona Card is the Museu Picasso (where you get only a 20% discount with the Barcelona Card).

You can also get discounts (usually 10% to 20%) on a wide range of sights, activites, and shows if you have a hop-on/hop-off bus ticket.

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