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Getting to and around Barcelona

Getting into the city from the airport is fairly simple, and the Barcelona train station is connected to a Metro (subway) line.

One-stop transport search
Catalonia has a well-integrated public transit system, and you can find out the fastest way between any two points, addresses, or intersections in any town (or between two towns) with a simple search at

You can even specify which forms of transport you prefer (bus, Metro, train, light rail, etc.), how far you're willing to walk to make any transfers, and it's all available in English.

Why can't every city do this?

Once in town, getting around by public transportation is also easy (you'll probably find the Metro the most useful).

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Get a Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card gets you unlimited rides on all forms of city transport (Metro, bus, funicular, etc.), plus free entry to 20 sights, and discounts (usually 20%) at most other sights, plus on activites, shops, and shows.

It comes with a guidebook, and in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day versions ($45–$80).

It's the best investment you make on a trip to Barcelona. » more

How long should I spend in Barcelona?

If you're just passing through, I'd give Barcelona at least two full days.

It is a lovely place to relax, however, so you might be happier spending 3-4 days.

» Barcelona itineraries

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Barcelona tourist info: (info office), (events mag); (regional info),

Sightseeing passes: Barcelona Card (20+ sights; transport; discounts), Museum Pass (6 sights)

Tours & activities:,,,,,


Hotels:,, Priceline.comPartner,


Apartments:,,,,, Homeaway.comhomeaway

Hostels & campgrounds:,,,




Trains: (throughout Europe), (within Spain), (throughout Europe),

Public transport: Barcelona Card (free transport; sightseeing); Search all public transit:; Metro/Bus:; Tram:; Light rail:; Taxi:

Car rentals:,,,,,,

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