Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful and other geothermal highlights are what help make Yellowstone better than your average park

A Pow Wow in South DakotaThe Winter Wolves of Yellowstone "We're going to follow that bald eagle up the river," said Leslie Quinn as we watched the magnificent bird flap past. Leslie threw into gear his bright yellow Bombadier—a vintage 1960s snowcoach shaped like a gumdrop reclining on tank treads—and crunched up the snow-packed road into the heart of the world's oldest national park....  Full Story

Room at the Inn at Old Faithful - The snug room was immaculate, with three queen-sized beds and a host of antique accents—cast-iron radiators, multi-filament light bulbs, and walls and ceiling swathed in the original cedar paneling. There was a designer sink in one corner and shared baths down the hall with claw-foot tubs. Stew took the wine and a book and retired to a tub. I returned to the porch to break the news to the boys: instead of hunting for a free campsite in one of the National Forests wedged between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park tonight, we'd be roughing it in one of the Old Faithful Inn's original rooms—for just $85.... Full Story

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone - In September of 1869, Charles Cook—a member of the Folsom-Cook-Peterson expedition of 1869 that first explored and charted what would become Yellowstone National Park—stumbled across this 1,200-foot-deep canyon graced by cascading water and framed by evergreen forests. Cook later wrote in his journal about the discovery, "I sat there in amazement, while my companions came up, and after that, it seemed to me that it was five minutes before anyone spoke."... Full Story

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