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Tips and advice for surviving the Great American Road Trip

A family or buddy road trip can do wonders to deepen bonds and build stronger relationships—though there's an equally strong chance you and your best friends and closest family members will drive each other crazy.

When crammed together in a vehicle and hotels rooms, sharing every waking moment of the day, any companion's minor annoying traits can quickly grow into what seem like major character flaws. 

The good news is that this sometimes gives you a chance to air grievances, learn more about each other, and find a new, healthier normal. Besides, overall the good usually far outweighs the bad, and fights will fade from memory while the happy times remain. 

My parents and I still trade on stories from the cross-country camping trip we took when I was five, and when I get together with old Boy Scout friends, we'll start inevitably swapping anecdotes from the six weeks we spent in a van roving the American West back when I was 16. 

One of those old Boy Scout cohorts is still my go-to guy with whom to take epic road trips, and together we've crossed the continent again, visited all five national parks of Utah in one week, explored Alaska, and spent a month driving around Europe—most of those trips as adult leaders of our old troop.

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