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Brew rights have been fiercely debated through the ages, from the 16th-century Purity Laws, to the 19th-century riots protesting an ale tax, to the Beer Garden Revolution of 1995, when 20,000 Munichers gathered to defend their rights to drink in an open-air beer garden.

So hoist a liter mass of frothy bier and say Prost! (cheers!) to perhaps the most beer-lovin' city on Earth.

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Munich is deservedly one of the world's beer capitals, so celebrate that status with toast after toast of light beer (that's the color, folks, not the calories) that comes in a giant liter-sized mug called ein Mass.

How to order a beer in Munich

Outside of Oktoberfest tents, if you just order ein Bier, you'll usually get a more manageable half-liter.

If you want the big boy—the liter-sized mug—make sure to order it by name: ein Mass.

Types of beer in Munich

Every good bräuhaus has its own line of home-brewed beers—they've been microbreweries since the Middle Ages—but here are some general terms you'll run across.

Helles means light-colored beer.

Dunkles is dark beer.

Munich beer types include:

All Munich beers are made under the strictest quality guidelines and almost never contain preservatives (Germans drink it so quickly, there's no need).



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