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Weißwurst and Bretzel un senf
Weißwurst with a pretzel and mustard—a classic Munich meal. (Photo by Beat von Stein)

Restaurants in Munich, Germany

Top Munich Restaurants

★★★ Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl Am Dom [€€]
★★ Halali [€€€]
Boettner's [€€€€]
Ederer [€€€–€€€€]
Zum Alten Markt [€€]
Zum Koreaner [€–€€]
Hofbräuhaus [€–€€]

» Brauhaüser (beer hall taverns)
» Biergartens (beer gardens)

» closed unitl late 2015: Donisl [€]

Munich is not a place for someone on a diet.

The primary food groups here are sausage, beer, salted white radishes, and pretzels.

The best and würst of Bavarian sausages

Sausages are called wurstel and come in so many shapes, sizes, and stuffings that it would take a whole book just to explain them all.

The greatest hits include:

Dumplings—German starch

Any food ending in the word knödel is a dumpling, which may be made of semmel (bread), leber (liver), or kartoffel (potato).

Best bets for traditional fare

The best place to sample any of these specialties is the bräuhaus (beer hall tavern), where people sit communally and amicably at big tables.

Munich's other great contribution to the world of restaurant types is the outdoor biergarten.


No, I'm not forgetting the beer. In fact, it get's its own section. Full Story



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