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Bed and breakfast and rental rooms in Munich
Munich B&Bs and rental rooms: Schönes Zimmer am Marienplatz 2, on a pedestrain street near the Hofbrauhaus in the old center (from €58); the stove in the City Centre - Viktualienmarkt by the daily food market in the historic Altstadt (from €58); The Garden House Terrace in the eastern Truering neighborhood, a 10-min S-Bahn ride from the center (from €38)

Bed and Breakfasts and rental rooms in Munich, Germany

Most B&B lodgings in Munich are cozy apartments with one to three rooms to let, costing around €40–€80 for two people—though they can start as low as $25.

A few of these are actually called "B&B"—or, in German, "Übernachtung mit Frühstück" (OO-bair-bach-toong mitt FROO-shtook)—and operate like tiny hotels.

Many more are simply classified as a Privatzimmer (PREE-vaht-tzim-air), a private room for rent.

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