Flying to Munich

Munich airport
Flying into Munich. (Photo © FMG, courtesy of Flughafen München GMBH)

How to get between Munich and its airports

Munich has two airports.

Well, it really only has one airport—Munich International—but a handful of no-frills airlines instead use Memmingen, 71 miles west of the city.

Munich International Airport

Most flights land at Munich International Airport (tel. +49-(0)89-97-500; 18 miles northeast of the city.

How to get to downtown Munich from Munich airport

In brief: If you just need to get to a public transport stop downtown, take the train. If you want door-to-door service to a hotel, a private transfer will only cost about twice as much.

Allgäu Airport—Memmingen

Some low-cost carriers and no-frills airlines—including Ryanair, Wizz Air, and some AirBerlin flights—land at Allgäu Airport (tel. +49-8331-984-2000,, also known as Memmingen (the name of the town it's near).

This airport is also sometimes (laughably) called "Munich-West"—mostly by those self-same low-cost airlines in an attempt to make you believe the airport is near the city when it is, in fact, in a small Bavarian town 115 km (71 miles) west of Munich.

How to get to Munich from Memmingen airport


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