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Room in Munich youth hostels
Room at a few Munich hostels: Jaeger's Hostel (from €16); The 4 You Hostel (from €22)

Hostels in in Munich, Germany

Munich—being a German city, a University town, and a noted party place—has plenty of excellent hostels (rooms with shared dorms), with the cost of a bed starting around €16–€28 per person.

Note that these days few hotels are of the old-school variety (25 cots to a room; single shared bathroom down the hall). Most modern hostels have rooms with only 4 to 6 beds in them, often sharing a single attached bathroom; and plenty of hostels also offer private accommodations sleeping 2–4 people (with or without attached private bathroom).

Note that Bavaria is the last place in all of Europe that still applies an upper age limit to official Jungendherberge (YOO-gend-air-bear-j—"youth" hostels), capping it at 35. Private hostels do not have this restriction.

There are also campgrounds out near the edge of town.

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