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The top experiences in Munich, Germany

Beer keller tavern in Munich★★★ Have dinner at a Braühaus - If Munich is famous for anything, it's the bräuhaus, that bar/restaurant/communal meeting place of long wooden tables, bustling waitresses, plates of sausages, baskets of pretzels, and mug after liter-sized mug of frothy beer... » more


A beer garden in Munich Have lunch at a Biergarten - A biergarten is an outdoor space of picnic tables (occasionally with a few indoor tables) where you bring your own food (basic sandwiches are on hand if you forgot), the servers provide the huge mugs of beer, and you can dine under the sun and shade trees... » more

A tour of Munich Take a tour - Guided tours and walks can be the best way to get the most out of Munich, whether a bike ride through town or an excursion to nearby castles and concentrations camps, a museum tour of artistic treasures or a sobering historical walk focused on World War II and Hitler's rise to power that started in the Munich bierhalls, or even a multi-day journey to visit the best of Bavaria or nearby Austria... » more

Prost!Attend Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest is the world's ultimate keg party, a city park filled with big-top tents, each of which can seat 6,000 people plus an oompah brass band. For 16 days, tens of thousands of people do nothing but party medieval-style, roasting whole oxen on spits and drinking more than five million liters of beer... » more

The beer garden under the Chinesischer Turm pagoda in Munich's Englisher Garten parkStroll the Englischer Garten - Munich's premier park stretches for three miles along the west bank of the Isar River, with a biergarten under the shadow of a faux 1790 Chinese pagoda, swimming holes, and even a nude sunbathing spot... » more

Cuvillies-Theater, MunichAttend a concert at the Cuvilliés Theater - This flamboyantly rococo theater was named after its builder, a former court jester who overcame 18th-century prejudices at his dwarfism, won the patronage of the Wittlesbachs, and went on to become one of southern Germany's most important architects... » more

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How long should I spend in Munich?

With museums galore and a thriving cultural and theater life, Munich's sights are sure to keep you busy for at least two or three days.

You can do it in one, but you'll be giving the city short shrift.

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