Munich public transportation

The S-Bahn (commuter rail), U-Bahn (subway), bus, and tram systems in Munich

Munich public transport zones - Inner City
Munich public transport zones - Inner City.

Munich was one of the first cities to pedestrianize many of the streets in its Altstadt, making getting around the inner city by foot or bicycle both enjoyable—and necessary (not even trams spoil the car-free streets).

Tickets & info
All forms of transport in Munich use the same tickets and are operated by (or at least linked to)
There are, however, buses, trams, and two overlapping light-rail systems (the U-Bahn and S-Bahn) to help you get around Greater Munich—trams and buses along the border of the old center, plus with a few underground subway stops in the center of town.

Public transport options in Munich


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