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rental flats in Munich
Munich apartments from The first two both just steps from the museums in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood (from €36; from €30); the third by the Viktualienmarkt market in the heart of the old city (from €53)

Rental apartments and flats in Munich, Germany

Munich has many short-term apartments for rent to tourists, often for as short a period as a single night—though many do require a 2-night or 3-night minimum stay.

Prices can vary wildly, but you can get an apartment for as little as €35 per night—not kidding. That said, the average cost is more around €50 to €90—still a better bargain than hotels, plus you get your own kitchen and a homier feel. (To that price, there's is often a token cleaning fee of €10 to €15 added after you check out.)

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