Munich quick bites

Cheese stand at the Viktualienmarkt, München

Street food, fast food, and picnic pickings in Munich, Germany

The Viktualienmarkt is a great place to shop for picnic supplies.

You can drop into any beer hall tavern and get a plate of sausages or just a mug of beer and a pretzel in 20 minutes or so, even if half the attraction is settling in for a while.

A bratwurst sandwich from a sidewalk stand.
A bratwurst sandwich from a sidewalk stand. (Photo by Jarlheim)
The best food value in town is the Viktualienmarkt, the old outdoor food market on the square just southeast of Marienplatz, where you can put together a great picnic and stop for a brewski at the biergarten while you're at it.

Butcher shops offer slices of a beef-and-bacon meatloaf called Leberkäs (eaten with mustard and a roll).

Summertime opens up countless sidewalk stands hawking sausages and sandwiches (schinkensemmel is a ham sandwich, wurtzsemmel features sliced sausages).


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