Munich by train

Arriving in Munich by train at the main Hauptbahnhof rail station

München Hauptbahnhof - Munich's main train station
Arriving at München Hauptbahnhof. (Photo by frabi)

Trains to Munich arrive at the high-tech Hauptbahnhof train station ( on the city's western edge, a block west of Karlsplatz (the main western square on the ring road around the Altstadt).

From here, multiple light-rail lines (called S-Bahn) run into the center of town—including all of lines S1 through S8.

Tip: If you're waiting on a late night train and an hour or two to kill, walk five long blocks west of the train station (on Arnulfstraße along the north side of the tracks) to Augustinerkeller, one of the best old beer taverns and biergartens in the city.


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