Munich buses and trams

The bus and tram systems in Munich

A tram in Munich
A Munich tram. (Photo by MaxM)

Tickets & info
All forms of transport in Munich use the same tickets and are operated by (or at least linked to)
Trams and buses don't service the Altstadt (old center of the city) very well—the S-Bahn and U-Bahn are more useful).

However, the trams and buses are handy for getting to a few areas within the Altstadt, and for traveling throughout Greater Munich.

Useful German
Fahrkarte - Ticket
Streifenkarte - Strip card
Tageskarte - Day ticket

Erwachsene - Adult
Kinder - Child

- Entrance
Ausgang - Exit
Nach - To (as in a destination)

Ein - One
Zwei - Two
Bitte - Please
Danke - Thanks

Here are the most useful lines:


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